Artificial Intelligence and Automation


1 Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA

Evening event - Hazards from Artificial Intelligence and Automation

At The Institution of Civil Engineers

1 Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA


Hazards Forum

The speakers will cover the three topic areas and emphasise during their talks how Artificial Intelligence will impact and change their respective sectors. Focus should will be given on ethics, work force behaviour/skills, and how they will impact the society and future economics.

As this is our 30th Anniversary Year, the evening will look back at the development and contribution of the Hazards Forum to multidisciplinary engineering practice, as well as look ahead to new possibilities and challenges. Networking and discussion will play a prominent part.


Luise Vassie

Chair, Hazards Forum

Consultant and adviser on governance, risk management and assurance, across a range of sectors with a focus on research, education, charity, professional associations. Advises on Executive Education programmes on risk management at Loughborough University and Masters programmes at the ILO International Training Centre, Turin.

John Duller

Control Systems & Automation Manager

Distribution Network Operators need to continuously improve and innovate to meet customer, regulatory and shareholder expectations. The Control and Automation systems are key to a Distribution Network Operators success and this role will continue to increase over the next few years. Brief overview of UK Power Networks and how automation in the distribution network has evolved into the Adaptive Power Restoration System (APRS) developed with GE Digital Energy. What we are presently working on and where we are heading in the future.

Alan Norbury

Siemens Central Technology Officer

Alan is the CTO for Siemens UK industrial activities - a leading global supplier of industrial plant and software, manufacturing automation and drive technologies to industrial customers across the UK and Ireland. Since 2011 Alan has worked closely with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult Centres.

He is now Siemens Industrial CTO dedicating his time to developing leading technology innovation to benefit Siemens UK manufacturing facilities and Siemens industrial customers.

Alan is a regular Industry 4.0 keynote speaker, Fellow of the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange, member of the IET Design and Production Sector Executive Board, Digital4Industry Leadership Group, Northern Robotics Network Advisory Board and the LCR4.0 Advisory Board.

Steven Naylor

The Health and Safety Executive

Steven Naylor is a Senior Data Scientist at the UK’s Health and Safety Executive within its Data Analytics team and an associate director of its Discovering Safety Research Programme. Discovering Safety is a research programme supported by a grant from Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

The programme aims to bring about step change improvements in health and safety performance globally through the use of cutting edge data science and data analytic techniques on routine sources of health and safety data. A particular area of research interest for Steven currently is how data science and data analytics, including the use of AI, can be used to enable more proactive health and safety practice and decision-making.

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