Forensic Engineering Failure, Investigation and Learning – the Anatomy of a Loss


One Birdcage Walk, London SWIH 9JJ

From 17:30

At Institution of Mechanical Engineers

One Birdcage Walk, London SWIH 9JJ

In the aftermath of a loss, focus turns to getting to the root cause and causal factors associated with the loss.  Many parties have interest in this activity, and with often different agendas,  ranging from  the Operator’s desire to learn and take actions to ensure the event or similar events are not repeated within the company; the regulators’/standards providers’ need to ensure that learnings are made available to a wider audience and as necessary change regulation or practice; the insurers’ need to establish if the loss is covered and the associated quantum; and the lawyers’ need to gather evidence to support criminal or civil actions arising from such a loss.

With such different needs, an industry has developed to support for the needs of all the above parties, to allow detailed forensic analysis to be conducted and to ensure the truth is reasonably established.

This event will look at three different aspects of this process, including:

  • Material Failure Investigation & Analysis
  • Incident Investigation
  • Forensic Accounting

This Hazards Forum event will bring together expert speakers from a variety of diverse fields which will be key in solving these challenges.  

This event is kindly sponsored by the IChemE and will be chaired by their President, Stephen Richardson.

Registration, tea and coffee is available from 17.30, and lectures will commence at 18.00.  The event will conclude with a networking drinks reception.

Material Failure Investigation & Analysis

Speaker:  Andrew Piercy, Principal Engineer – Failure Investigation and Consultancy Team, Intertek Production & Integrity Assurance, Manchester Technology Centre

Andrew has more than 30 years’ experience of corrosion and metallurgical investigations and testing.  His main areas of expertise are corrosion and corrosion-related failure analysis, metallurgy and mechanical failure analysis.  Andrew will address the role of material forensic analysis within the context of failure analysis and incident investigation. 

Incident Investigation
Speaker: Roger Stokes, BakerRisk Europe Ltd

Roger graduated from UMIST in 1982 and joined ICI’s Mond Division where he initially worked in a technical capacity, and moving in 1987 into plant management.  In 1992 he joined a firm of Loss Adjusters dealing with commercial insurance claims in the high hazard processing industries.  He joined Baker Risk in 2015 and works out of the UK office as part of the Process Safety Group, where his work is currently focused on incident investigations, insurance risk engineering and process safety management.

He has presented at various conferences on process safety issues and incident investigation.  In 2018 he co-authored a number of sections in the latest (3rd) edition of the CCPS book: Guidelines for Investigating Process Safety Incidents.  He is a member of the IChemE’s Loss Prevention Bulletin editorial panel. 

Roger’s presentation comprises a high-level review of the key stages of the incident investigation process and an example of how they could be used in the given case study. 

Forensic Accounting
Speaker:  Justin Crick, Partner, BTVK Advisory

Justin Crick is a partner at BTVK Advisory. He is a skilled and experienced forensic accountant. Working with many of the leading insurance companies and law firms around the world, Justin has quantified losses for business interruption claims in more than 70 countries. He specialises in the quantification of major and complex losses in industries ranging from energy and power generation to mining to construction and manufacturing. Justin has been involved in more than 600 large and complex international assignments involving multi-million dollar losses.

Drawing on his experiences of forensic analysis and quantification of  Business Interruption losses across a wide range of industries and geographies over the last 20 years Justin will discuss the lessons learnt when the disaster recovery plan is put to the test.

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