Event Reports


Spring 2018: Natural Hazards and Process Industries

Autumn 2017: Hazards from emerging technologies.

Summer 2017: Advancing technology – the good, the bad and the need to manage the hazards

Spring 2017: Design Safety – The Inherently Safer Way

Winter 2016: The Nuclear Legacy: Progress with Hazard Reduction at Chernobyl & Fukushima and Regulation of the Legacy in the UK

Spring 2014: Achieving a Good Safety Culture
Newsletter 82

September 2013: The Crossrail Major Infrastructure Project – High-End Risk Management at Work
Newsletter 81

June 2013: Risk Proportionality – Measuring ‘True’ Risk
Newsletter 80

March 2013: Education, Social Media and the Internet: Inspiring Risk Understanding in the Y Generation
Newsletter 79

November 2012: Risk Communication – The Future
Newsletter 78

September 2012: Risk Communication – Industrial Perspectives
Newsletter 77

June 2012: Improving our Understanding of Public Concerns about Risk
Newsletter 76

March 2012: A Resilient Transport Infrastructure for a World Event: From Planning to Implementation – the 2012 Games
Newsletter 75

November 2011: Engineering a Low Carbon Future – Risks and Rewards
Newsletter 74

September 2011: Keeping the Country Running: Implementing Government’s Initiatives for Infrastructure Resilience
Newsletter 73

June 2011: Keeping the Country Running: Government’s Approach to Infrastructure Resilience
Newsletter 72

March 2011: Existing Infrastructure – Strategies for Managing Flood Risk
Newsletter 71

November 2010: Aging Energy Infrastructure – Strategies for Managing the Risk
Newsletter 70

September 2010: Avoiding Catastrophe – Driving Competence at the Top
Newsletter 69

June 2010: Avoiding Catastrophes – Are We Competent?
Newsletter 68

March 2010: Safe Operation of Decarbonised Fuel Schemes
Newsletter 67

November 2009: New Nuclear Build – Achieving High Standards of Safety Performance
Newsletter 66

September 2009: Risks Associated with Alternative Fuels
Newsletter 65

June 2009: How Ergonomics Improves Patient Safety
Newsletter 64

March 2009: Safety When Road Meets Rail: Trams, Trains and Level Crossings
Newsletter 63

January 2009: Interpretation and Enforcement of Health and Safety Legislation – Have We Got It Right?
Newsletter 62

June 2008: Improving the Resilience of Infrastructure to Climate Change: Lessons from Summer 2007 Floods
Newsletter 61

March 2008: Risk in the Leisure Industry
Newsletter 60

June 2007: Sharing Lessons Learned from Accidents – A ‘Just Culture’ Approach
Newsletter 58

November 2006: Design and Risk, Design Decision-making under Uncertainty during the early stages of Design
Newsletter 56

September 2006: Risk Management of Critical Computer-Based Systems
Newsletter 55

March 2006: Coastal Flood Risk – Does the New Orleans Catastrophe Hold Lessons for London?
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December 2005: Designing for Risk Reduction in Construction, Operation and Maintenance
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September 2005: Can Risk Be Quantified
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June 2005: Managing the Restoration of Infrastructure and Services – Iraq and Boscastle
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March 2005: Achieving a Good Safety Culture – ‘The People Dimension’ in Health, Safety and Environmental Performance
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March 2004: Crowd Control and Crowd Safety
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March 2003: Setting Safety Criteria
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December 2002: Climate Change and the Private Sector – Managing the Business Risk
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