Who we are

We are a community of organisations and individuals interested in hazards and risks.

The Hazards Forum was established in 1989 by the four major engineering institutions, the Institutions of Civil, Electrical, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers to provide an interdisciplinary focus for the study of disasters and the promulgation of lessons learned from them.

Since then the Forum has broadened its remit to inform the public understanding of risk, while continuing to develop its work on the assessment of hazardous events, dissemination of lessons learned and the promotion of risk reduction strategies.

The Forum believes that decision-making and deliberation about the assessment and management of risk should not be confined to risk professionals. Wider stakeholder views and perceptions, including those of the public should, where appropriate, be taken into account. The Forum believes that it has a key role to play in encouraging open, timely and active debate and in ensuring that robust, relevant, independent and accessible information is widely available. A way of undertaking this has been introduced by arranging meetings known as Evening Events during which specific risk issues are debated.  Hazards Forum also works with other organisations to arrange joint events, as well as sponsoring events arranged solely by other bodies. Details of future events being run can be found on the Events page together with an historic record on past events.

Hazards have always been a fact of life. However, recent events and their coverage in the media have focused attention of the public on possible risks they face as a result of technological advance and climate change. In this complex world people need to understand the nature of the hazards they face and the magnitude of any associated risk so that they can decide how to respond to them. The Hazards Forum believes, amongst other things, that such issues should be freely debated and seeks to provide this opportunity and to draw unbiased conclusions.

The Hazards Forum continues to grow as a community and has a range of membership options available including corporate affiliate and individual. More about membership and the appropriate membership type for you can be found in the Membership pages.

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