Our Mission

What is The Hazards Forum’s Purpose?

The Hazards Forum’s purpose is to contribute to the on-going challenge of mitigating and reducing hazards and disasters both man-made and natural. Founded in 1989 by the four principal engineering institutions, and now with members from other engineering bodies, the public sector, the charity sector, and industry, the Hazards Forum brings together engineers and other specialists to promote inter-disciplinary sharing and the adoption of good practice in hazard and risk management.

This agenda is primarily, but by no means exclusively, focused on the UK and is aimed at professional communities and the public.

  • providing a high level forum for reasoned debate;
  • arranging discussion meetings for opinion formers and experts;
  • providing and contributing to education material;
  • seeking close working relationships with other Learned Societies and Institutions involved with risk issues such as The Royal Society and The Royal Academy of Engineering.